© Belmont Abbey Trust, Hereford HR2 9RZ Belmont Abbey  Graveyard
The deceased are entered in Alphabetical order in groups or sections of such groups. By clicking on the letter or letters representing such groups information can be accessed as shown below:

Grave No. -  As above - If * shown there is no Headstone or plaque on grave.
Christian Name(s)
Age at death -  d - days; w - weeks; m - months; 3.5 - 3 and a half years.

Town/Village in which deceased died
Date on which deceased was buried - Day, Month, Year
        Please note that it is assumed that the date given in the Burial Register is             the date on which the burial took place.
Info - Information given

         Photo - Photograph of Headstone or other part of grave available by clicking                     on Photo. To return to Info click Return arrow on your Browser.
        No HS - No Headstone on grave.
        NGR    - No grave is shown in Burial Register Book
        NIR     - Not in Burial Register Book
Other Info - Other Information given

        HS d. 4th - Date on which the deceased died
        HS A 72 - Headstone gives different age at death
        Com  - Members of Monastic Community
        Oblates - Belmont Abbey Oblate
        Associates - Associates of Belmont Abbey
        SOC - Sister of Charity of St.Vincent de Paul
        SOM - Sister of Mercy
        Ashes - After cremation the Ashes of the Deceased will be buried in grave or                     commemorated
        Memorial - On some Headstones deceased may be commemorated but                                 not buried in the grave.
        May give information about state of graves and photographs, monks also               attached to other monasteries.
Graves in the Old Graveyard are in rows as shown in the plans. The graves are labelled 01, 02 etc. Row A graves are A01, A02, -- to A35.
Graves V1 to V6 are labelled similarly with the first grave in each row labelled V101 and V601 etc.
The Abbots graves, including some Bishops, are labelled ABB01 etc.
The Wegg-Prosser graves are labelled WP01 etc.
The graves in the Extension graveyard are labelled EXT_A01 etc.
Those in the New graveyard are labelled NC_
The graves in the New Monk’s graveyard are labelled NMG_01 etc.

As some of the photo files may be large, please be patient when they are loading.